Stadium Hire

Stadium Hire Information

All booking fees will incur the standard GST rate of 10%. This form must be completed and submitted at least five (5) working days prior to proposed date. Minimum 2 hour hire applies at all times.

    6 Futsal sized fields (42m x 22m) with Futsal goals
    Full sized main field (110m x 68m)
    Stadium Spectator Seating
    Flood Lights for Night Games (add $50hr +gst)

Payment must be completed via electronic funds transfer prior to the hire date, or via cash upfront on the hire date prior to the start time. There will be an addition charge of $50 per game for night games to cover the use of floodlights.

    Minimum 2 Hour Hire at all times
    Hire by the hour after first 2 hours

Day Hire Rate (7am to 5pm):
    $250hr +gst
    Hire by the hour after first 2 hours

Night Hire Rate (5pm to 11pm):
    $250hr +gst
    $50hr +gst (flood lights)
    Hire by the hour after the first 2 hours

* Rate is for hire by one club/organisation. Includes a $200 cleaning bond detailed below.

The cleaning bond applies to full day hire and is not refundable. The Cleaning Bong is taken to cover the cost of hiring cleaners to return the facilities to their regular standard after a full day hire event.

Stadium Hire Request Form